Pelanggan yang dihormati, Nikmatilah harga pemborong kami dengan minima pembelian RM150 dan keatas. Terima Kasih.
How to become a Reseller

We are Malaysia No.1 Bakery Manufacturer In Malaysia with the  proven record of selling the famous Banana Cake > 7000++ pcs per day and Chocolate Moist Cake> 1000++ pcs per day. Due to business expansion of market share these few years, we are looking for Reseller for our products.               


Why you are interested to become our Reseller?            

1. We are > 30 years in bakery industry.

2. We have established famous brand name with proven sellable products and record

3. We have proven record of sales volume >RM 3.0++ million in the Malaysia Market


It is easy to become a Reseller :

1. You are Malaysian with I.C.

2. >2 years Business background

3. You have Targeted Selling Place

4. You have Targeted Customer base

5. Stable Financial Background

6. You have Mobile with data

7. Long term bulk purchase  RM 150 and above per transaction

8. Full time/Part time also can

Congratulations! You are qualified to become Our Reseller!


The Benefits of becoming Our Reseller: 

1. You will run a stable income business

2. You are eligible for the whole sale price

3. Eligible to use our online website with Free Wholelife membership

4. Easy your life to place order and payment

5. Be the first to know about our promotion and new products

6. 01 set of Free Samudra Calendar every new year

7. Live chat with our support team to solve your problem

8. Reseller is entitled to use our website product photos with watermark indicated.


Term & Conditions:

1. We will approve for those who filled in application first, then we will monitor the 3 transactions order placed from the system.

2. If we read the transactions quantity & amount are less than RM150, we will block the particular login as reseller.

3. The particular are blocked login as reseller not entitled the wholesaler price, need to place order at the consumer price.

4. The Company reserves the right to change, amend, add, revise any of the above terms and conditions.



Q. Which areas  you have delivered to?

A. We have delivered to Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya, Kota Bharu, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, Alor Star, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor


Q. What kind of delivery service do you use?

A. We deliver the goods to you by using our Samudra delivery team service


Q. How do you charge shipping fees?

A. We charge RM 15 for 1st 5 kg, next repeating weight RM 3 per kg System will auto calculate for you.


Q. Can I check when I can receive my order?

A. Yes. You can check the delivery by live chat with order no.


Q. Can I ship the order to other place?

A. Yes. You can fill in the different shipping address in the delivery column


Q. How many days your product can last for?

A. You can check the product shelf life in the website - products page. We have stated it with each of the product description. Averagely, the products can stand for +/-5 days to +/- 7 days.


Q. How can I keep the products longer?

A. You may put it in the fridge with container.


Q. What should I do if I found the products have quality issues?

A. You may contact our support team with live chat or send email with pictures to [email protected]



What are you wondering still? Quickly join our big family to become a qualified Reseller.           

If you are interested, please fill in and complete the below information.

We will APPROVE your access after we have received the complete information and your           

account registration. You can start ordering after approval given. Thanks!